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The trend of questions on General Intelligence (Better known as General Mental Ability) in terms of percentage of total 150 questions (prior to 2011 when CSAT started) has approximately varied from 9% to 14% with an average of 13%. In recent years especially since 2007 there has been a fixed number of 15 questions in the exam out of which 4 to 5 are difficult. As such, those who are not of maths background, it is advisable for them to leave such difficult questions.

The questions in this section pertain to simple mathematical skills and reasoning aptitude. It requires the knowledge of basic trigonometery, arithmetic, algebra and graph analysis. Such type of questions are very popular in exams like Bank P.O, NDA, CDS, MBA etc. The following questions from previous years will give you a fair idea of the questions on General Intelligence section:

Find the next number in the series 0, 7, 26, 63, .....?
A trader loses 20% by selling an article for Rs 480/-. If he is to gain 20% he should sell it for Rs?
On another planet, the local terminology for earth, water, light, air and sky are 'sky', 'light', 'air', 'water' and 'earth' respectively. If someone is thirsty therm what should he drink?
If x = -2 then x3-x2-x-1 is equal to?
In 1930 a person's age was 8 times than that of his son. In 1938' the Father's age became ten times than that of his son's age in 1930. The ages of the son and father in 1940 were respectively?
A club has 108 members. Two thirds of them are men and the rest are women. All members are married except for 9 women members. How many married women are there in the club?
A person travels from X to Y at a speed of 40 kmph and returns by increasing his speed by 50%. What is his average speed for both the trips?

Now Intelligence or General Mental Ability is separate Test i.e, Paper II, also known as CSAT which requires passing the Test but marks not counted for selection.

Subjects Covered:

General Science! Indian History! INM! Geography! Economics! Indian Polity! Intelligence! Current Affairs! Miscellaneous!

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Now, Here are the some Focus Areas from where Questions are regularly asked in Preliminary Exam. There are also certain style of asking Questions which are discussed below:

Books & Authors Historical Personalities Diseases Scientific Equipments Communities Ancient Terminology Nobel Prize Clock Sequencing Let's Dance Awards Ascending/Descending order Sports Chronological Order Match The Following Temples Assertion & Reasoning Religion Paintings & Sculptures Historical Administrative Systems Five Year Plans Battles Observation Days Mountains Famous Movements Rivers Nutrition Commitees and Commissions Government Programmes National Institutes High Offices Constitution Amendments Organisational Headquarter Historical Monuments Places First Longest Highest..

Remember success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration and last but not the least .... Practise makes perfect.

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