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Current affairs:

Earlier the trend of questions on current affairs has varied from 1% to 9% with an average of 3%. However, in 2007 there were maximum number of questions from current affairs and that too the questions were very simple and direct.

Since 2007, the trend has changed and maximum emphasis is on current affairs. There have around 40-50 questions on current affairs in 2008 and 2009 Preliminary Exam. The questions are remarkably focussed on India related issues especially the plan and policies of the Government. As such, India Year Book published every year by the Publications Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India in the month of February and the subsequent release of Economic Survey is the primary source for these questions. These two books are equally useful for the Mains GS also.

Besides, the usual current events of National and international importance is also important.

Subjects Covered:

General Science! Indian History! INM! Geography! Economics! Indian Polity! Intelligence! Current Affairs! Miscellaneous!

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Now, Here are the some Focus Areas from where Questions are regularly asked in Preliminary Exam. There are also certain style of asking Questions which are discussed below:

Books & Authors Historical Personalities Diseases Scientific Equipments Communities Ancient Terminology Nobel Prize Clock Sequencing Let's Dance Awards Ascending/Descending order Sports Chronological Order Match The Following Temples Assertion & Reasoning Religion Paintings & Sculptures Historical Administrative Systems Five Year Plans Battles Observation Days Mountains Famous Movements Rivers Nutrition Commitees and Commissions Government Programmes National Institutes High Offices Constitution Amendments Organisational Headquarter Historical Monuments Places First Longest Highest..

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